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Correcting faulty movement patterns and learning proper body mechanics is key to remain functional, prevent pain, and enhance performance. Upgrade's Online Exercise Portal provide's the patient with his/her custom home exercise program. The portal includes pictures/videos of the recommended exercises and allows you to take your exercise program on-the-go via phone, laptop, or iPad.

It's amazing that I can get an individualized program that I can do at my convenience from home. The exercise portal is easy to use and the videos are extremely helpful.

- Susan

The Online Portal is an interactive system which allows you to record your workouts, indicate if any exercise created pain and provide comments. This seamlessly connects you with Dr. Jeremy so your program can be continuously modified to your physical needs. The Online Portal also includes written descriptions, pictures, and videos of the recommended exercises so you will always know how to perform each exercise. You will have the ability to access the portal on-the-go, allowing your program to be performed at your convenience from anywhere.



Tel. 858-634-2505

Fax. 858-461-2702

4003 Park Blvd. #30

San Diego, CA 92103