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Functional Movement Assessments are important to identify compensatory movement patterns. These faulty movement patterns can lead to pain, injury, or decreased performance. During a functional movement assessment, the patient will be asked to perform specific functional movements which will be evaluated by video and analyzed by a Functional Movement Software. These functional movements are important at any age and physical status. 



Tel. 858-634-2505

Fax. 858-461-2702

4003 Park Blvd. #30

San Diego, CA 92103

EXAMPLE: (Functional Squat Test) Although some may associate an overhead squat important only for athletes, it is essential for every person to perform correctly to remain functional. We use this squatting form everyday whether it be sitting down in a chair, lifting, working, or jumping.

After an assessment, you will be provided with a document of all your significant findings such as overactive muscles, underactive muscles, possible injuries and positive findings.